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i literally do not give a shit whether or not it’s ‘healthy’ to be fat

i care about how you treat fat people, the end.

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gf: hey come over ;)

me: i cant im in bonnie tyler’s music video for total eclipse of the heart

gf: my parents aren’t home



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This is some advice for all our teenage followers out there- if you are a person of color, it is probably the best thing for your self esteem to stop taking cosmetic advice from white people.
I did that sometime in my late teens and I wish I had done it sooner… I haven’t had split ends in over a year now because I stopped doing stuff white people do to their hair. It doesn’t work for mine. It never did. OH THE WASTED YEARS.


seeing a skin you want but looking at the ingredients list it’s like 

and even though it’s value on the TP is amusing it’s still




TGS 2014 - Final Fantasy XV trailer.

"It’s been a long time coming… Almost there."

This trailer comes out alongside the news that Nomura’s officially stepped down as director of FFXV to focus on other projects — among them, KHIII.

this trailer totally sold it for me. I haven’t been this excited for a final fantasy in ages.

yo that car

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